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Always Cleaning Black-Spot Mould?

Below you will see Solutions that have been tried and tested

What Causes Black-spot Mould Condensation?

Black-Spot Mould grows in Pure moisture manifested from the atmosphere i.e. Condensation. Condensation is moisture inside the property created from:

Atmospheric conditions/wet cold weather.

Drying Wet Clothes.

Cooking or boiling a kettle which creates steam.

Bath or Shower.

And so much more.

We find this in all kinds of properties new and old, as the airborne moisture travels through the property, it comes into contact with cold surfaces and starts to globulate into larger water droplets.

With a lack of ventilation or heating the black spot mould thrives.

Below are systems we at Dampcure have used for many years to combat condensation and what we do has proven to dramatically reduce black-spot mould.

Positive Input Ventilation System (PIV)

PIV's  are designed to improve ventilation and air quality (directly and indirectly) and humidity in houses.

They blow fresh, filtered air into a property normally via the air in your loft space, which most commonly is vented to the outside air.

This is where the word positive comes in because normal ‘extractor’ fans (like kitchen extractor fans or bathroom fans) remove air from a room using negative pressure (aka suction), whereas PIVs blow positive pressure into a room.

Benefits of PIV Unit?

  • They can help to greatly reduce condensation problem in UK properties
  • In turn they can also help prevent mould growth problem on surfaces
  • They can help to control or reduce humidity in the air of UK homes
  • They can help to improve air quality via their onboard filter systems
  • Linked to these, they can help remove stale air smells in properties



Install Insulated Plaster Boards

Black-spot mould condensation thrives on cold unventilated areas, behind furniture, kitchen units, or simply cold external elevations of the property.


Warm up the surface of the wall using our system of insulated plaster boards. Why?

1 - Reduce the cost of heating in your property as the       

      insulated surface raises the wall temperature.

2 - This reduces the attraction of condensation.

3 - No condensation =  No Black-spot mould.

Ventilation  via a through-wall air-brick will also be installed with this system or if you prefer a PIV system shown above.

Interested in our services? We’re here to help!

We want to know your needs exactly so that we can provide the perfect solution. Let us know what you want and we’ll do our best to help.

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